Burn the Blueprints

by Signals Midwest

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This record consists of the first 11 songs we ever wrote as a band. At this point we were still a 3-piece. Songs were written from September 2007 to December 2008 and recorded in January 2009 by Steve Perrino at Perrino Recording Studio in Solon, OH.


released November 27, 2009

Maxwell Stern: Guitar, vocals, lyrics
Steve Gibson: Drums, vocals, acoustic bass on track 8
Loren Shumaker: Bass, vocals


all rights reserved



Signals Midwest Cleveland

we are a punk/indie band from Cleveland, now spread throughout OH and PA. we've been doing this together since 2008. we have been lucky enough to see the world together but will still play in your kitchen or anywhere really.

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Track Name: Forward, Never Straight!
Dear mother, this is no time to complain
There is something bigger than the task at hand.
I’ve been lost & found in the sky and underground
And I can firmly say that you don’t understand.
Dear Samuel, I hope the west has what you wanted
When you close your eyes do you still dream of home?
Yes I know the timing’s right this year for me to finally disappear
And stake my claim in warm and foreign ground

I’m just waiting for that day to come
So I can go so far away

Dear everyone that I’ve ever encountered:
I’m sure you’ve all got your plans to break the mold.
Don’t hold your breath, callous hearts mean swollen heads
And first things start to swell and they explode!
Dear Samuel, was it really worth it?
You’re 50,000 miles away from home.
We give love by the inch, but we take it by the mile
And we wonder why so many feel alone

Will anybody miss you when you’re gone?
No guarantees, just promises.

So strike your matches, start your fires
Sooner or later, all goes dark
We’re bound by instinct and desire
It’s in our eyes and in our hearts.
Track Name: Careful Man, There's a Beverage Here!
Scream it over towering buildings
Sing it past the highway signs
We were yelling in the streets in the middle of the night

So take the shoreway to dead man’s curve
Hit it doing 85
Pray when you go around the turn you will make it out alive

You should see my head, it’s spinning like the world does
And if it stops we all fly into space.
This is the end of everything I know
For the love of God take me away

This is an affirmative decision
A means to find a better way
I hope these songs suffice as an acceptable way for me to say
I never wanted it to be like this!

You should see my eyes, they’re stuck permanently open
And something I don’t know is clouding my sight
I’ll write my name a thousand different ways
But none of them seem to look right

So you stand by what you subscribe to
Put on your suit and get in line
Anything less than everything you’ve got would be such a waste of time
Track Name: Little White Houses
Little white houses, a white picket fence and a 9-to-5
Numbers in the thousands of times that I swore this would never be my life

There are so many things I take for granted
So many places I’ve yet to go
Or I could just sit here feeling restless
In my safe suburban home

And you told me son you’ll never get anywhere with this
And what makes a man is not how many times he’s used his fists

There are so many times I’ve swallowed my pride
Like when you said I’ll always be alone
So I’ll just sit here feeling restless
In my safe suburban home

I want something more than this
I need something more than this
There’s gotta be something more than this
Track Name: ...And a Happy New Year
I try my best to fight it but the feeling still persists
I’m never satisfied unless I’m crossing things off lists
We try so hard, it takes so long
But we made it through this year.

Look at all the explosions in the sky!
500,000 strangers and another ten seconds I let pass by.
I’m not trying to be famous, I just don’t want to go unheard.
Here’s resolution number one:
Try not to break promises to yourself for once.
Don’t think of everything you missed
Just think of everything you’ve learned.

I’m doin’ alright, I’m doin’ fine (why don’t you take this on by yourself this time)
Why don’t you take this on by yourself this time? (I’m doin’ alright, I’m doin’ fine)
You’ve got me feeling like someone I don’t know, in a crowd of people and I’m still alone!
I’m of a certain disposition
Much more than a textbook case of a lack of ambition
I just can’t be tying myself down. I’m on the next flight out, see you around.

So just take 80 west
And you’ll get home fine
Within a few miles
We’re making good time
The sign on the billboard proclaims “hell is real!”
But no one could possibly know how I feel
Track Name: "Hi, I'm Wilford Brimley and I Have Diabeetus," or "Through the Looking Ass"
It’s everything I ever wanted all at once
How could it possibly ever be enough?
Only a fool would attempt to satisfy
These epic and insatiable appetites

It’s inevitable that we’d feel this way
It was bound to happen some time.
So you can sit and long for the good old days
But you’re in for a surprise

And now the feeling’s sinking in
An endless quest for satisfaction
And I’m beginning to believe
That this is bigger than you and me

So why do all the good ones end up leaving town
Will I go their same way or should I stick around
Jealousy jealousy can’t you see you’re enveloping me
But you know it’s over if you want it to be
It’s over if you want it to be

So now the light pollution fills the air
And it blocks all the fucking starlight
And under clouds of dust and smoke we hope
That the future remains bright

Is this my fate, my fortune
Sinking into the Atlantic Ocean
Oh I feel so good, I feel at home
Didn’t even bother to wash the salt off my skin
I just got back in the van and hit the road

Damn right I know my choices
And now my heart is as loud as my voice is

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