French Exit​/​Signals Midwest Split 7"

by Signals Midwest

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released January 17, 2012


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Signals Midwest Cleveland

we are a punk/indie band from Cleveland, now spread throughout OH and PA. we've been doing this together since 2008. we have been lucky enough to see the world together but will still play in your kitchen or anywhere really.

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Track Name: Milkcrate
In a corner in a basement of an old house, there's a speaker that we left there spitting static to a neighborhood that I grew up in. I still live there but it's different now, now that we've moved out of the place I loved. In the beds we made and the clothes we wore there are traces of a former love and a long-lost friend we can't wash out. Some will gravitate towards other towns with a different set of streets on grids. I wish that I could have known back then what I know right now, but we were only kids. Though hindsight offers clearer eyes, what the future holds is twice as bright. And I'm old enough to realize that the past ain't always left behind.
Track Name: Stale Air
Reception crackles on a lonely interstate and I can't settle my stomach. I'm fortunate enough to get to see what lies beyond these four walls in a lonely apartment. I still wanna get home. I'll drive all night to get back to you. Closing the distance as fast as possible. But it's distance I created and it's fucking harrowing. I'll never tell you anything I don't mean. And I can almost feel it but my senses leave me cold. I tried my best to escape it but it won't let me go. I need a breather. I've been inhaling stale air for way too long. Closing the distance as fast as possible. Through the pains and the pacing there's a semblance of a purpose. Sift through the scribble. You can decipher me. I'm not that hard to read. Silver-white light, rain down acceptance on me and when I wake I'll be renewed.

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