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we are a punk/indie band from Cleveland, now spread throughout OH and PA. we've been doing this together since 2008. we have been lucky enough to see the world together but will still play in your kitchen or anywhere really.

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Track Name: Your New Old Apartment
i only saw you a couple times last year. once at a wedding and once at a funeral. i wore the same clothes to both and i was worried you would notice cause yours were impeccable. you filled me in on potential five-year plans. you’re thinking of jobs and homes and children. slowly rotating a silver wedding band between your thumb and middle finger. and i wondered “oh my god, did i get lost? am i young enough to just move on?” i saw a classmate i hadn’t seen in years. he was well-dressed and i fucked up our handshake. “how’s making music? i haven’t listened yet, but somebody said you’re doing great.” and it felt like a dream at double-speed on a Greyhound back from Pittsburgh. comparing something like that to where others are at? what a backwards way to calculate self-worth. my mother’s out there climbing mountains. my father’s finished with his work. my sister’s moving to a brand new city. my brother’s looking out for her . but anyway, thanks for having me over to your new old apartment. i’m doing well, my flight was fine. i see you listened to the record that i sent you. i wish i saw you all the time, but this is fine. i hope i see you a little more this year. i want a good look at the life that you’re building.

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