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The Weight & The Waiting

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How could I ever forget the cheap taste of vodka we drank and the lingering scent of stale cigarettes? I tried to erase it but now it will always remain engraved in my brain. Patiently stating a message in sepia tone: “Stay strong and be well. I'll see you again.” And how are you dealing with death? When you look down upon me do you judge how my time is spent? Or am I wasting my breath which I should be saving for making due statements of love, of friendship and trust? These are the questions that we never got to discuss, cause I was so young and you were still here. “You don't wanna know just where I've been, like my father before me and his father before him.” I was counting the miles, you were counting the days. Ain't it strange that the numbers we wanted were moving in opposite ways? We've been building towers of tensions. We've accepted our own imperfections.


from Latitudes and Longitudes, released December 27, 2011



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Signals Midwest Cleveland

we are a punk/indie band from cleveland, ohio. we've been doing this together since 2008. we will play in your kitchen or anywhere really.


  • Oct 27
    Gainesville, FL

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